Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

A few months ago I decided to take a leaf out of my wife’s book and try the joys of comping to see what I can win.

Comping is where people enter a large number of competitions on the internet in order to win something.. simples!  The idea is that the more competitions you enter then the more likely you will win one of them.    I could never be bothered with it before just because it involves a lot of registering to sites which results in a lot of spam in your mailbox plus it can become increasingly boring to enter your details again and again.  I had won stuff in the past including tickets to the World Tour Tennis championships in London but I just couldn’t be bothered entering my details again and again.

Around November time I had a little operation so had a bit of free time and was looking for something not too energetic to do to pass the time.     The wife’s comping hobby had paid off in a big way and she had won a £399 Yamaha sound bar off a Facebook competition.    I couldn’t believe how cool it was when it arrived,  It was state of the art and the bass reminded me of being at our local cineplex!

On the back of my wife’s win and the the fact I had all this free time I decided to give it a whirl again and put some effort into it.    I went onto the Moneysavingexpert forums as they had a dedicated forum for all comps as well as giving you the time they end and the all important answer’s to any questions needed.    I must have entered about 400 competitions in my first two days!    I kept checking my email box and facebook and twitter accounts but no “Congratulations” or “You’re a winner!” but i kept going and eventually I had my first win which was a pack of Curry Sauce!

You might be thinking “is that it?”  but to me it was still a win and it energized me to keep going.   During November and December I won three travel board games from Deichmann shoes christmas competition,  Five expensive megableu games,  A £200 Debenhams gift card from an Aviva facebook competition and a M&S bubbly choccy santa!


I am afraid I have not been an active comper since January due to work and family commitment however it just shows that in order to win it you need to be in it!

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