The Shakespeare Express

As a treat for the kids before they go back to School we decided to take a trip on the Shakespeare Express!    Taking advantage of a Living Social deal we only had to pay £18 for a family return ticket (Jess goes free!) to ride an authentic steam engine from Snow Hill up to Stratford Upon Avon.

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Firstly as a guy who grew up with Hornby Train sets I love steam trains!  There is something magical about riding on an old fashion engine instead of an electric smarties tube.   I also love the fact that the train was manned by elderly volunteers who are spending their retirement caring and attending to the trains they love and grew up with.   My kids however did not feel the same way and were clearly bored halfway through the journey!

Less than an hour later we arrived at Shakespeare’s Birthplace and decided to walk down to the center.   Our first stop was a shop The Creaky Cauldron which is this fantastic shop and museum filled with all things magical and wonderful.   They also serve their own version of butterbeer which tasted lush!

Then we popped into the Christmas Shop which sells all things Christmas every day of the year.  It reminded me of a similar shop we went into when we went to York and left me wishing it could be Christmas everyday.

We also stopped off next to the River and near by the Royal Shakespeare Company and had a spot to eat before we made our way back.   Alas we did not go into the museum to see Shakespeare’s place of birth or rest however both me and Jo decided that we will make a return trip one day but just the grown ups!

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