The Good Food Show – Summer – 2015

It’s another year and another visit to the Good Food Show – Summer!

Since we first attended about 3 years ago we have become regulars at both the Summer and Winter shows and have enjoyed sampling the fantastic food and drink samples on offer.

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Due to work and child commitments we decided to visit the show on the Sunday this time. It was a first for us and  I was worried it was a bit of a gamble and feared that all the food and freebies would have been taken during the busy Friday and Saturday shows. However that was not the case and we came away with tons and tons of freebies including lots of Bisto tins and casserole packets and tons and tons of Lotus Biscuits!

Below is some of my highlights of the 2015 show :-

2015-06-14 18.22.19

The Garlic Farm

I love Garlic!!   its a fact that most of my culinary dishes will contain garlic in some measure and that if the vampire apocalypse were to happen over night then no vamp will be able to come near my garlic aroma!   The Garlic Farm is a company based in the Isle of Wight and they had a stall at the show.   They do various chutneys, sauces and mayos which set my taste buds alight with fantastic flavors!   I came away with some Garlic and Mint Mayo (ideal for Kebab meat and chips!), some Garlic BBQ sauce and the wife bought some Coronation sauce.   My one regret is that I didn’t buy another bottle of the BBQ sauce as its slowly disappearing 🙁

Perfick Pork

I have one thing to say… Black pudding and Strawberry jam sausages!   Never before have two things that shouldn’t work together worked like these sausages!     Each time we attend the BBC Good food show we always have to stop off at the Perfick Pork stand and pick up these works of beauty.  In fact I have a kitchen drawer full of Perfick Pork cooler bags which I hide from public view so they don’t see my secret sausage shame!   Perfick Pork are not just about the Strawberry and Black Pudding sausage, they do a wide range of fantastic tasting pork products including the new Bubble and Squeak sausages which we will try out very soon! I’d also like to give a massive A+ to the guy who sold us a story with our sausages. Much better than the faceless corporations that just churn out food with no passion,

Heartsease Farm

It’s a fact that most kids like fizzy pop and as a parent you feel mean because you limit their intake and stop them drinking too much full fat coke so they don’t lose teeth and gain weight!    I came across a stall from the good people at Heartsease Farm who make sparkling fruit drinks in delicious flavors including blackcurrant,  Raspberry and Elderflower.  We came away with six bottles for the kids however if I am honest…. they are really for me ;-).

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