The Dishwasher…

I hate my dishwasher!  Its the one piece of equipment in the house I pray each day it will break because its so old, smelly and out of date!

The wife says its fine and its because I use it incorrectly and don’t scrub the dishes before hand however doesn’t scrubbing the dishes cancel out the need of a dishwasher!  It’s like cutting the grass with scissors and then using a mower!

The problem is that the dishwasher is so well made that it never breaks.  Both the washing machine and tumble dryer have packed up during it’s life cycle and been replaced by shiny new (Black!) state of the art appliances yet old unreliable dishwasher still hangs on!

To show how I feel about the dishwasher I did a little video in the hope that someone will pity me and maybe throw a brick at it or something.

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