Smoking’s bad mmmkay…

This month it’s Stoptober which is another way the government is trying to encourage people to give up smoking.    It’s been nearly 7 years since I gave up the evil weed and I honestly have to say I have never looked back!

I started smoking when I was 14 as my mother was a chain smoker and I had regular access to them.    When you’re 14 everything changes, you start doing stupid things in the vain hope of attracting girls and at the time I thought smoking would make the girls come running!   As the years went on my smoking habit stopped being a way to impress the ladies and more of something I needed to get me through the day.   If I was stressed then I would have a fag, Tired then I’d have a fag,   bored then bring on the fags!

Roll on February 2008 and I faced a choice which would shape my future.  I was due to get married in October and I wanted to give my bride to be the wedding she deserved however things like big white dresses, fancy cars, Chocolate fountains, posh balloons and DJ’s cost money and with my £6 a day habit I was having difficulty meeting the deadline.   Something had to give so I smoked my last cigarette and destroyed the rest in the packet and started my journey to phlegm free lungs.

I decided not to use any nicotine replacement patches or gum as they had never worked for me in the past and decided if I was going to do this then I needed to go cold turkey.   The first week was hell!    At one point I called my wife to be pleading for her to give me the go ahead to smoke!   Then came the point of no return for me and the reason why I have never picked up a fag since.    I became very ill with a fever and vomiting.   My views are that I suffered the same illness as drug addicts and alcoholics suffer when they go cold turkey.  This is why I will never smoke again as the fear going through that illness keeps me on the straight and narrow.

Since I have given up smoking a number of things have improved in my life.   Firstly my lungs have improved and I notice that I seem less prone to chest infections than I use to be.   My health has also increased and so has my weight! My finances have improved as I am saving about £200 a month and I don’t smell like an ashtray which is always nice!

The best thing however is the knowledge that my children will never be brought up in a smokey environment the way I was and hopefully they will never be encouraged to take up the dreaded weed.