Mr Meks Remembers ….. 80s Board Games

I love buying my children toys!   At heart I am a big kid really and I love to buy them the latest gadgets or gifts advertised on TV.   Christmas & Birthdays bring memories too of my childhood and the toys and games I grew up with.   With this in mind I have decided to start writing some blogs about what childhood toys I use to play with.   I hope they stir up happy memories with you as they do with me!

Ghost Castle


I was bought this for Christmas in the 80s and it was a classic. You play one of four characters who are lost in a ghost castle.  Each spin meant you were closer to the exit or close to death!  The premise was the same as Mousetrap where traps are set on the board around a very cool glow in the dark mini skull.  In fact I feel so nostalgic about this game I am currently watching one on Ebay.  Expect more info if I win!

Mr Pop

mr pop

Poor Mr Pop has been born without a face and its your job to give him eyes, nose, mouth and improve his lifestyle.  Beware however as Mr Pop may wake up from his general anesthetic resulting in him jumping up and knocking off all his newly acquired face implants!


Screwball Scramble

What fun can you have with a metal ball, Some magnets and a timer.  Quite a lot in the 80s thanks to Screwball Scramble.  I remember having hours of fun with this but I admit I never used the timer 😉


Kong man.

While I was looking for pictures of Screwball Scramble I came across this other gem from my childhood which I had totally forgotten about!  Basically the same concept as Screwball but required batteries and was also vertical rather than horizontal.  Another one added to my ebay list (Don’t tell the wife)

Tomy Super Cup Football.


Before we had Fifa and Pro Evo and before we even has Sensible Soccer there was Tomy’s Super Cup Football.   Basically the players could only go up and down in a certain line and it vibrated like mad but I loved it so much that I brought it in for toy day at school and it impressed all my mates!