Minecraft Xbox One


Minecraft is back!   Today Minecraft was released for the Xbox one which means hours of my life wasted while I try and recreate historical buildings in blocks!

I owned it on the Xbox 360 and it took a big chunk of my life!   It is also one of the few games that I can play with my daughter and we both encourage each other to try and build bigger and better things.   She even has access to a Minecraft club at her school!


I have only played it for an hour however it is more or less the same as the Xbox 360 version except it has a few more features added and the worlds are now bigger.   Unsure why the need to increase the size as I thought the 360 version was big enough!  I am also told that the split screen mode has been improved meaning that if the eldest and middle daughter both want to play then it won’t end up in screams of “its my turn its my turn!”.

I am a big fan of Minecraft as its just a all round creative family game. I guess it’s like playing with Lego except you can have access to unlimited blocks, it takes up less space and also you don’t feel the anger when you stand on a stray piece in the middle of the night!

I will try and upload some pictures or videos of me and my daughter’s creations… unless a creeper gets us!