The BBC Good Food Show Summer

We attended the Good Food Show Summer a few months ago so I have decided to write about my experience and my top four of the fantastic foods we tasted!

Hiver Beer


Let’s face it the best thing about these types of shows are the free samples and boy there is a lot on offer!  One of the samples we tried was Hiver beers.    It’s a specialist beer brewed with honey.  The beer tastes fantastic, very crisp and goes down a treat while leaving an after taste of honey.   I purchased three bottles which I drank during the World Cup however I now wish I had more L

Essential Cuisine


If you like to cook from scratch as I do then sometimes you need good stock cubes or powder to give your meals a bit of flavour.   The stocks tubs provided by Essential Cuisine are excellent and this is the second time that we have attended the Good Food show and have gone home with a few pots of stock.    You only need a tea spoon so they last surprisingly long and give my homemade Scouse a lovely taste.

The Handmade Scotch Egg Company


These Scotch Eggs were lush!   The have different varieties of eggs , too many too choose from but in the end we decided on: Tickled Pink, the eggless imposter which is smoked salmon and cream cheese wrapped in mashed potato.  The Old Fart which is egg wrapped in sausage, bacon and beans, The Chieftain which is an egg wrapped in haggis and finally a Ploughman’s which as you guess is egg wrapped in pork, cheese and chutney.  The eggs were delicious so we hope they are back again for the winter show.

Perfick Pork


What’s not to love about sausages!  Perfick Pork sell sausages so they were always going to be good in my eyes however they sold an unusual sausage which I fell in love with.   Their black pudding and strawberry jam sausages are just to die for and made a fantastic father’s day breakfast this year!  All hail the sausage!!

This is just snapshot of a few of the fantastic foods that were on offer at the BBC Good Food Show when we attended but there was a lot more including tons and tons of Toffee Vodka which I found particularly nice!   Also on the plus side the wife met Mary Berry…. Which was nice!


Roll on BBC Good Food Show Winter we shall return….