The Children Love…. Happyland!

When buying the kids toys I have three rules.  Rule one will they play with it,  Rule two will they break it and rule 3 does it cost a lot?

2014-09-10 13.52.28

Happyland ticks all these boxes!   Over the years our children have acquired so many Happyland figures and sets that we now have four boxes full!     The kids love to get each box out and set up play towns and villages.  Sometimes it will be the Happyland Castle being attacked by the Happyland Dinosaur or other times the Happyland train might be visiting the Happyland Rocket or Treehouse!

2014-09-10 13.52.35

Mum loves them because our daughters play with them together regardless of the age difference and I love them because it frees the TV up so I can play my trusty Xbox!   However in the end both mum and dad eventually join in the fun!