Eurogamer Expo

Well My first bit of good news to report on my blog is that I am going to Eurogamer Expo in London at the end of September!   I am really existed and can’t wait!



For many years now I have waited and watched the yearly event which is known as E3 from the comfort of my laptop or xbox wishing I could attend such an event.   Seeing all these games being shown off and watching the big 3 game consoles conferences waiting for the next exciting revelation of which game or hardware I will need to get next.      

In the last 5 years I have dreamed of going to such a conference but just never had the bottle to go alone.   My friends are not game fanatics and nor is my wife which meant that the only way I was able to go was to go on my billy. 

The wife and I have been to the Baby Show.  At first I was a bit wary of going but being a modern father that I am I gave it ago and enjoyed it very much!   Now don’t get me wrong I am not into baby clothes, cloth nappies or organic baby food made from 99% soya!   No I enjoyed it because of all the free crap that you get given at these events!     The 3 times we have been, we have left with bags full of toys, food and nappies to stock our kids up for years. 

It wasn’t just the freebies that impressed me.   It was the independent retailers who were passionate about their products that I liked.   I mean the big boys were at the show like Fisher Price, Pampers and Mothercare but it was the small sellers that made it, like a lady selling natural menthol sticks for babies or the guy selling Happy Hopper bouncy toys (I bought two!).

This is why I can’t wait to go the Eurogamer Expo.  Not just because it will be the first chance to play some fantastic games like Batman:- Arkham Orgins, Battlefield 4 and the Elder Scrolls Online but I get to play some new Indie hits and hopefully if I am lucky pick up some fantastic  Freebies!