The Evolution of Meks – Consoles

It’s been over 30 years since Mummy Meks and Daddy Meks produced little old me!   A lot has changed in 30 years,  VHS is now Blu Ray,  Microwaves are no longer the size of bungalows and I can no longer pop into my local Woolworths, Our Price or Kwik Save!   Consoles have changed a lot since I was born so I have decided to chart the evolution of Meks the gamer by showing you all the consoles I have once called my own.  So sit back because where we’re going we don’t need roads!


Atari 2600


My first ever console which was bought by my mum and dad one Christmas when I was about 6 or 7.  Really if they are honest it was bought for them as I remember being unable to play the thing for the first few months while they played Pac Man Jnr.

It was pretty basic compared todays modern systems however it still has good memories for me.  I loved playing Yars Revenge, Centipede, Pitfall and Ghostbusters!   I was also given some game paddles and a game called Circus in which you basically had to move a see saw around catching the falling men. 



This was another gift bought by the parents for the parents.  It came with the Dizzy Collection!  5 games about a lovable egg called Dizzy who went on a Treasure Island, Fantasy Island and any other Island you can think of.   I loved that little egg and if there was one character I can blame for my love of all things gaming it would be that little dude.  Some other classics I played were a game called Creatures, Rainbow Island and the original Street Fighter which had a different version of the same game on each side!  

Sega Master System II


Ok this is a sore point.  I basically asked Santa for a NES however it fell on deaf ears and I ended up with a Sega Master System II.  I had my revenge on old Saint Nick but due to legal reasons I’m unable to say more.  At the time I loved going round to my mates and playing Super Mario 1, 2 and 3 and really really wanted a game glove but alas it was not meant to be.   To be fair the Master System II was a good console and had built in Alex the Kidd in Miracle world.  I played this game so many times and loved the underwater levels and the scissors, paper,  stone games however to this day I can still hear that damn song in my head!  Other fantastic games I had were Mickey Mouse & Castle of illusion, Golden Axe, Lemmings, Lucky Dime Caper with Donald Duck, Rainbow Island and Michael Jackson’s Moonwalker (Grabs his groin and hollers)!



(Ok at this point I would mention the Gameboy and classic games like Tetris, Super Mario Land and various others however I technically didn’t own a Gameboy as it was my brothers.   I just used it an awful lot!   For the purpose of this post only consoles I owned will get a mention.)



Picture the scene its Christmas morning and you run down stairs in your blue flannel PJ’s to find Santa has emptied his sack on your floor.   No that’s not the details of the court case St Nick vs Mr Meks no I am taking about the day I came down to find a very large box under my tree.   I unwrapped the box and tears of joy filled my eyes when it revealed my very own Super Nintendo with Starwing (or Starfox depending what country you’re from).   The Snes will always be the console which has the fondest memories for me.   It was out at the same time I was coming of age and was an exciting time in gaming.  Memories like the time I had chicken pox and had to stay at my Nans.   I took my Snes with my and a copy of Super Mario World however my Nan only had a black and white portable in the back room.  It didn’t matter and I completed that game in a day!   There was also a local game swap shop that would let you swap games for a fiver!   The Snes introduced me to classic games like Fifa, Mario Kart, Yoshi Island, Zelda A link to the past, Secret of Mana , Street Fighter 2 and Zombies ate my neighbors!




On to the Playstation!  Released in 1994 this became a big part of my teen years.  One minute I was crashing cars in Destruction Derby the next being a demonic Ice cream truck in Twisted Metal.   The Playstation also introduced me to some classic franchises like Metal Gear Solid, GTA & Crash Bandicoot however Final Fantasy 7 will also be the stand out game.



 My next console was the Xbox.   With its black and green design and backed by Microsoft it had to be a winner.   The Xbox introduced me to other franchises which I would come to love.  Halo was a classic and had me hooked and I just love Fable so much!  Jet Set Radio rocked however my all time favorite xbox game has to be Knights of the Old Republic 1 & 2. 



I bought it from a Cash Convertors for £20 as I wanted to try Animal Crossing however found some classic games for it like Super Monkey Ball and Super Mario Sunshine!


Xbox 360

xbox 360

Now it’s hard to believe but there was a gap when I didn’t have any consoles!  But about 7 years ago I purchased my beloved xbox 360.  I had 3 in that time, First one died the dreaded three red rings of death, the 2nd was given to a nephew and replaced with the Xbox Elite!  There are so many games I have owned and played in that time.  Fallout 3 & New Vegas, Skyrim, Dragons Age, Halo 3, Alan Wake the list could go on and on.  The last game I owned was the amazing GTA 5 which was a fitting way to say bye to my beloved 360.

Xbox One

xbox one

And here we are! The Xbox one is in da house!   I can sit here and shout “Xbox watch BBC 1” and not have to lift a finger while the Xbox turns the Tivo to ITV 1.  Ok so there are still some bugs to work out but it’s the dawn of a new era.   I have only owned the console for ten months and I have played some great games like Assassins Creed – Black Flag, Watchdogs and Battlefield 4 and Titanfall.   As I sit typing this I have just received my copy of Destiny which I hope to fall in love with.   Watch this space and wait and see!