We all need goals… Here is mine!

As mentioned in my previous post I hope to use this blog as a motivational tool to make sure I meet some personal targets and goals for 2016 and beyond.   Below are some of those goals and targets:-

To get out of debt by end of 2016. – During the last to years I haven’t done myself any favors when it comes on my finances and “Buy now pay later” became my method of payment.  Well I bought then and I need to pay now so 2016 will be the year of budgeting and paying off so that when 2017 comes along I will be in a position to save save save.

Enter More, Win More? –  I aim to up my competition entries in a bid to win more… Simples!

New job!  – I hope 2016 brings me that career boost I need.  I have worked for my current employer for two years and while I don’t dislike the job I feel I could do better.

Improve my health and happiness. –  During 2015 I piled on the pounds which has affected my stamina.   I am to lose this extra weight and get down to 15 stone by end of the year.

Swimming :- As a child I hated swimming.  I hated the chlorine in the water and I had a thing about dirt in the baths so I would avoid swimming as much as possible.   Now that I am a father I feel embarrassed that I can hardly swim and can enjoy taking my children swimming.  I aim to take lessons to improve my confidence and health.

I am sure there are other things I will achieve in 2016 however if I can achieve at least one from the above list then I will be a better person come 2017!