Dirty Rotten Scoundrels – Birmingham Alexandra – 5/05/15

It’s a rare occurrence when both the wife and I can go out child free!  Usually it involves a special occasion and a hell of a lot of begging family to mind our little ones. However last Tuesday was one of those rare occurrences!

I was recently given some free tickets to go and see Dirty Rotten Scoundrels the musical at the Alexandra theatre in Birmingham so off we went to enjoy a child free show. For people who don’t know, the musical is based on the 1988 film which started Steve Martin and Micheal Caine and was one of my favorite films growing up.

The story is set in the Riviera where high class swindler Lawrence Jameson’s (Played by Michael Praed) plans to con the rich women in the area are put into Jeopardy when a young American scam artist Freddy Benson (Noel Sullivan) moves into town.

The two con artists hatch a competition to see who is the best by using poor soap princess Christine Colgate (Carley Stenson) with hilarious consequences.   Stealing the show however was Mark Benton as the local head of police Andre who gave us some of the best comical and romantic moments from the show.

I had to admit I had my worries about this musical as it was taking a well loved film of mine and adding a touch of “Glee” to the mix however I was not disappointed and enjoyed the show immensely.   The singing and choreography was well put together and the actors appeared to gel very well.

It was also my first time visiting the Alexandra and although the theatre was a bit worn around the edges unlike some of the other theatres I have been too I found that it gave it character which I liked.

Overall I would say if you are a big fan of the film then go and see this tour and if you’re not then go and see the tour as you won’t be disappointed!

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