2016 The year of the comp!

One of the main reasons I aim to become more active on my blog is to encourage myself to be more active in certain areas to help improve my families health, wealth and happiness.

For the past few years myself and the wife have under taken a hobby known as comping which basically means we will sit on our laptop and enter a load of competitions.   We have both been very successful and have won a wide range of prizes ranging from a £300 soundbar and £250 Debenhams vouchers to a case of Crabbies!

The problem however is that you can get very bored entering your details over and over and you can lose motivation so I hope to use my blog to report on my winnings and to keep myself motivated!


February Winnings

As mentioned previously I like to enter the odd competition in my spare time to try and win some goodies.   To be honest I didn’t enter many prizes this month as I was too busy playing an Assassin in Paris or collecting Pops!  However I did win three times so I cant complain.

Win 1!

blue cup

I won an Addis City Cup which is a small thermal cup.   I won it on a comp on Facebook and the wife has found it very useful for keeping her tea warm when she pops out on the school run! (Although it doesn’t fully close on the top so she doesn’t recommend putting it on the dashboard of the car and turning hard right!)

Win 2!


Below the Belt grooming products!  For that area…. well below the belt!  In a world in which men now use as many beauty products as women this is designed for that smelliest of all areas.   I have to admit I was skeptical of this product, I mean, we all have sinks…. However the “Fresh and Dry” lotion works well after a shower!

Win 3!

gucci diamond

Finally the win of the month from the good people at The Perfume Shop,  A his and her bottle of Gucci Guilty Diamond Perfume.   The mens is just what i like in an aftershave, the wife smells luscious wearing the ladies and the bottles are bling bling bling!   Worth over £100 for both bottles!

Hopefully I will pick up my comping again in March and have more fantastic wins to report next month!