Are you ever too old to start a collection?

Recently I have started collecting Pop Vinyl figures as a new hobby.   They appeal to me because not only do they look kind of cool but they also cover some of the popular culture I grew up with like Ghostbusters, Back to the Future, Gremlins and He-man plus some of the more modern shows like Game of Thrones & The Walking Dead.

Another reason is that they increase in value! Some pops retire and become rare and expensive to purchase,  An example would be a Riddler or Two Face pop which can fetch around £100 on the bay of E.   Now don’t start thinking I am a money grabbing son of a gun however its nice to know that something you have is worth a buck or two.

The main reason is that my kids think they are cool and have started a little collection of their own.  My Eldest has started collecting Adventure time and Marvel (mainly because she has a crush on Wolverine!)

I keep my pops on the bookshelf in the living room at the moment because its an idea place to have them on display however something happened recently which questions my collection and if it’s right at my age to collect such items.

One of my wife’s friends recently paid a visit to us.   She came into the living room and saw the bookcase and her reaction was if she had spotted a bookshelf full of porno mags and decapitated heads!

Now I understand that as the years go on I am supposed to mature in age however do I have to grow up completely?  I don’t want to be that person who starts collecting stamps, or things like thimbles or cushions!    To be fair I think I will get to 60 and still find He man and Ghostbusters cool so bring it on and big raspberries to whoever doesn’t like it!

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