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Holiday Dave

Hello and welcome to my blog.

Let me introduce myself.  My name is Dave and I am a husband and father to three girls.    As you can imagine my life is always hectic looking after my three beautiful daughters so I use my spare time to undertake my three hobbies which are Video Games, Movies and Cooking.

My up bringing was not so great however I never use this as an excuse to fail but more of an excuse to be the best husband and father I can be!  My main aim of this blog is to share these experiences and to show people that no matter how bad your past may be your future can still be wonderful.


As a gaming parent I love to interact with other fathers who play video games both recent and retro and I also love playing video games with my daughters.  I also use a site called Gamerdads which has put my in touch with mature gamers similar to me!

Overall I hope that you find my blog as interesting as I do writing it and hopefully follow or get in touch 🙂


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